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Distinguished and Famous people from New South Wales


  • Shane Warne - Former Australian cricketer and one of the greatest spin bowlers in the history of the game.
  • Dawn Fraser - Olympic swimmer who won eight medals, including four gold, in swimming events during the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Andrew Johns - Rugby league player who is considered one of the greatest halfbacks in the sport's history.

Arts and Entertainment

  • Cate Blanchett - Academy Award-winning actress known for her performances in films such as "Blue Jasmine" and "The Aviator."
  • Russell Crowe - Academy Award-winning actor known for his roles in movies like "Gladiator" and "A Beautiful Mind."
  • Geoffrey Rush - Academy Award-winning actor renowned for his portrayal of pianist David Helfgott in the film "Shine."

Science and Technology

  • Rupert Sheldrake - English biologist and author known for his controversial theory of morphic resonance, born in Newark, New South Wales.
  • Michael Cowley - Leading obesity researcher and neurobiologist specializing in appetite regulation.
  • Warrick Couch - Distinguished astronomer and astrophysicist known for his research on galaxy formation and evolution.

Politics and Law

  • Gladys Berejiklian - Current Premier of New South Wales and the first female to hold this position in the state's history.
  • John Howard - Former Prime Minister of Australia who held office for more than 11 years, making him one of the longest-serving PMs in the country.
  • Anthony Albanese - Current Leader of the Opposition in the Australian Parliament, representing the Australian Labor Party.

Business and Philanthropy

  • Gina Rinehart - Australian mining magnate, businesswoman, and heiress who is one of the richest individuals in Australia.
  • James Packer - Australian billionaire businessman, investor, and philanthropist, known for his involvement in the Crown Resorts company.
  • Andrew Forrest - Prominent entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of Fortescue Metals Group, one of the leading mining companies in Australia.


  • Patrick White - Renowned Australian writer and Nobel laureate in Literature, known for his novels such as "Voss" and "The Eye of the Storm."
  • David Malouf - Acclaimed Australian author and poet, highly regarded for his works like "Remembering Babylon" and "An Imaginary Life."
  • Ruth Park - Distinguished New Zealand-born Australian author, best known for her novels "The Harp in the South" and "Poor Man's Orange."


  • Elizabeth Blackburn - Australian-American Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine for discovering the telomerase enzyme and its role in aging and diseases.
  • Yvonne Cossart - Renowned Australian infectious diseases specialist who made significant contributions to clinical microbiology and research.
  • Viola Edelstein - Distinguished endocrinologist known for her research on hormonal disorders and diabetes.


Information sourced from verified accounts on Wikipedia.

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